All Features of DWGSee CAD

DWGSee CAD Classic User Interface

Open and Modify

Quickly open and modify their drawings, just as they can with DWGSee DWG Viewer.

Draw and Annotation

Variety of drawing, editing, and annotation tools, allowing them to create 2D drawings.

Smart Tools

For advanced designers, DWGSee CAD includes features such as Dimension Driven.

What's New?

Block Statistics

Count the number of blocks or attribute blocks in the drawing, then insert the statistic table to the drawing.

Extract Table

The tables in drawings are drawn one line at a time and can be directly exported by extract as real table.

List Polyline Data

Export data on the length, angle, and arc radius of specified pipelines for easy confirmation and construction

Main Features

AutoCAD Classic Interface

The friendly and familiar classic interface appearance makes your drawing environment more comfortable.

Layer Manager

In the Layer Manager, layers can be added, removed, and renamed to change their properties

Command Line

You can enter commands or repeat the previous command by pressing enter or space. Support custom command line

Explore More Features






View and Measure

Converter and Printer

Extract Tools

Options and Smart Tools

DWGSee CAD- the Best AutoCAD Alternative

A lightweight CAD program with a classic interface and lifetime licenses

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