Full screen mode #

Click menu “View/Full Screen” or “Control+U“ to view as full screen.

B/W Mode #

Change to black/white to display the drawing

Click menu”view/ black/white drawing” to view the drawing as B/W mode

Background color #

Choose the background color, such as white, black, gray

Click menu”view/ background color” to choose color

Open file with zoom extents #

If you find drawing is blank, you may do not choose open file with zoom extents, and then open the drawing again to check.

Click menu “Options/open file with zoom extents”

Show/hide hyperlink #

Click menu “Options/Show hyper link” to show/hide hyperlinks.

Show/hide line width #

Click menu “Options/ show/hide linewidth” to display line width.

Full screen crosshairs #

Click menu “Options/Full screen crosshairs” to change as crosshairs.

Bigger toolbar icons (4K only) #

High Resolution (4K) Monitor Support, please use Bigger toolbar icons 

Click menu “Options/bigger toolbar icons” to get better display on the 4K screen.

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