Single line text #

You can use single-line text to create one or more lines of text, where each text line is an independent object that you can move, format, or otherwise modify.
• Click Menu “Draw/Text/Text”
• Specify text point
• Specify text height, or input value
• Input text angle, default is 0.0
• Input text width factor.
• Enter the text

Mtext #

You can create several paragraphs of text as a single multiline text (mtext) object.

  • Click Menu “Draw/Text/Mtext”
  • Specify first point of Mtext area
  • Specify second point of Mtext area
  • Add the text in the area. (You may choose the text format in the tool)
Create mtext

Text above line #

  • Click Menu “Draw/Text/text above line”
  • Select the line entity
  • Enter A or B to choose “text above line” or “text below line”
  • Specify the text height
  • Input text string

Arc text #

  • Click Menu “Draw/Text/arc text”
  • Select the arc entity
  • Enter V or C to choose “convex side” or “concave side”
  • Enter O or I to choose “outward from center direction” or “inward to center direction”
  • Speify the text height
  • Input text string

Find text #

You can easily find text with the FIND command.

Find A int he current drawing

Replace text #

Replacement is based on finding text only

replace A with B in thid drawing

Extract text #

Extract all text in the drawing, or extract text via text type, such as, extract all hyperlinks text.

Choose text type to extract
Text lists and then click save as to save the result

Edit text #

  • Double click the text to edit directly
  • Choose “Editor/Edit text”, and then specify the text object to edit
Text editor

Text style #

A text style is a named collection of text settings that controls the appearance of text, such as font, line spacing, justification, and color. You create text styles to specify the format of text quickly, and to ensure that text conforms to industry or project standards.

Click new to add new text style.

Explode Text #

Explodes text or mtext objects into polyline objects.

  • Click Menu “Draw/Text/text explode”
  • Box select the text objects or click select the text objects and then enter
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