Mutiline Edit

Multilines are composed of parallel lines, called elements.

When you draw a multiline, you can use the STANDARD style, which has two elements, or specify a style that you created previously. You can also change the justification and scale of the multiline before you draw it.

Create a Multiline Style #

  • At the command prompt, enter MLSTYLE or MLS
  • Click Menu “Options/Multiline style”
Create a new multiline style

If you create more than one multiline style, save the current style before creating a new one or you lose the changes to the first style.

Multilines Edit Tools #

MLEDIT (Command)

The dialog box displays tools with sample images in four columns. The first column controls multilines that cross, the second controls multilines that form a tee, the third controls corner joints and vertices, and the fourth controls breaks in multilines.

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