Measurement and statistics

Measure the distance between two points. #

  1. Button “MEASURE” or Menu “Tools/Measure” 
  2. Specify a first and a second point. Use object snaps for precision.

Measure Polyline #

  • Click menu “Tools/Measure polyline”
  • Specify the polyline to measure
  • Right click the finish the measure.
  • Check the result and then continue

Sum lines length #

  • Click menu “Tools/sum lines length”
  • Specify the lines to sum
  • Right click then confirm.

Calculate Area #

  • Click menu “Tools/Calculate Area”, or click the button of area,
  • Specify the area to calculate
  • Check if you need markup the result in the drawing

Calculate selected entity area #

  • Click menu Tools/Calculate selected entity area
  • Specify the entity to calculate area
  • Check if you need markup the result in the drawing

You can calculate the enclosed area and perimeter or circumference of circles, ellipses, polylines, polygons and regions. The information displayed depends on the type of object selected:
• Circles. Displays area and circumference information.
• Ellipses, closed polylines, polygons, planar closed spline curves, and regions. Displays area and perimeter information.
• Open objects such as open spline curves and open polylines. Displays the area and length; the area is calculated as though a straight segment connects the start and end.

Area summation #

• Use Calculate Area to mark several areas at first
• Click menu “Tools/area summation”
• Check the result.
• Export the result or insert the result table to current drawing.

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