How to use DWGViewX?

Steps to use DWGViewX

1 Please download  program from our website
2 Please install or unzip the program to the destination folder
3 Register the control
  Open the program folder and double click the file reg.bat to register the DWGViewX.dll/DWGViewX64.dll.If you run Win7 and the reg.bat file cannot work, please click start button>>All programs>>Accessories, then find the “Command Prompt” and right click it to choose “Run as Administrator” option to open the command prompt, then try to use the command regsvr32 to register the DWGViewX.dll/DWGViewX64.dll.
4 Do a test
  Prior try out the active-x program with your own application, please try to give it a very first test with the example code enclosed with the free trial package, please make sure it will work as expected and then try out with other environments.


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