How to turn normal lines into a polyline quickly?

Generally, we will choose ordinary lines for drawing and drafting, but when we need to adjust, we need to change the lines to polylines. It is a waste of time to delete and redraw. In DWGSee CAD, there are several methods to convert the lines to polyline quickly.

Method one: LTP #

  • Enter Command line: LTP
  • Select one line entitly and then turn mutiple connected lines to one polyline.

Method two: Pedit #

  • Menu “Editor/Polyline edit” or command line enter “Pedit”/”PE”
  • Select one line, and then press enter to confirm to turn lines to polyline.

Method three: MP #

  • Enter command line: MP
  • Select line objects, you may select line one by one or use box select all lines directly.
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