There are several different methods of opening drawing files with DWGSee.

  1. In the Start Page, click Open File.
  2. Click Application menu, File/Open.
  3. Enter hot keys “Ctrl+O”.
  4. On the quick toolbar, click Open button.
  5. Right-click the drawing, and chosen Open with DWGSee.
  6. Double-click a drawing in File Explorer. If you have chosen DWGSee as the default program for drawing.
  7. Drag a drawing from File Explorer onto the product shortcut icon. This action opens a new session of the program.
  8. Drag a single drawing into the drawing area of an open drawing.
  9. Use the Sheet Set Manager to locate and open the drawings in a sheet set.
  10. Run DWGSee Browser mode, double click the drawing to open.
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