How to extract line and text table from dwg file?

Sometimes we need to export data such as material lists in CAD to a separate Excel file, but we may find that some tables in drawings are drawn one line at a time and cannot be directly exported.

If the table in the drawing is a true table, it is a table object. Exporting such tables is usually relatively easy. You can directly select the menu Tools, export a table, select a table for export, and then click on the table to export and save it.

Another type of table is composed of lines one by one, and is not a true table object. When encountering such a fake table, you can click on the menu Tools to export the table. When selecting a table, you can box select the area of the table content to be exported.

If there is a significant deviation in the exported content, you can adjust the selection range to re export.

If you find that the exported data table is too small, you can click the plus sign button to adjust the table spacing.

If the exported content needs to be adjusted, it can be manually corrected before exporting and saving.

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