AutoCAD drawing formats, such as DWG, DXF and DWF are not portable file formats. This is why you need a DWGSee viewer to occasionally view drawings on a non-AutoCAD computer. Besides, you will need to send out the drawing image to others who do not have a DWG viewer, especially when the drawing contains lots of X-ref’s and maybe some of your markups.

Step 1.
Option1. Find the “Export to Image” button on the toolbar.

Option2. Go to “File” > “Export” > Choose “Convert to JPG, BMP…”

Step 2.
In the open window, choose an output format (BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF) and go with the other options.

Note: If you need the markup to be preserved in the output, tick the “Exporting with markup” checkbox.

Formats File Size Image Quality
BMP Big High quality with lossless data compression.
JPEG Small Variable by adjusting compression level. Perfect for most images.
GIF Small Useful for animation and image maps.
PNG Normal Good and useful for line art, text-heavy images.
TIFF Normal High, no image loss. Good choice for achieving important images.

Click “Next” and wait for the conversion. You can view or email the PDF directly to others.

When you zoom in on a raster image you see grainier and grainier set of dots. When you zoom in on a vector image you continue to see a smooth text, shape or whatever. The advantages of vector images are low-size and high-resolution. You no longer have to produce a huge image size just to maintain a reasonable degree of resolution.

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