CAD Exercise 4 (ID:27712)

In this exercise, create a simple diagram with divide points, changed point styles, directional arcs, tangential pararell lines and continuous dimensions. It can be completed within 4 minutes.


  1. Draw a line with a length of 93.
  2. Utilize the Point/Divide command to evenly divide the line into 5 segments. (Note: If the evenly divided points are not visible, adjust them by modifying the point style.)
  3. Use the Arc/Start-end-direction command to draw continuous half arcs. (Note: Turn on Ortho mode with F8.)
  4. Create an auxiliary line with an angle of -65 degrees.
  5. Mirror the auxiliary line using the Mirror command.
  6. Use the Parallel line command to create parallel lines that are tangent to the arcs. (Delete the auxiliary lines later.)
  7. Connect the lines and arcs using the Extend command.
  8. Apply a fillet of 35.
  9. Use the TTR command to create a tangent circle with a radius of 65.
  10. Trim the circle.
  11. Add annotations.
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