CAD Exercise 1 (ID:12915)

This is an exercise in drawing a simple diagram, which involves using auxiliary lines, drawing circles, applying fillets, trimming lines, and adding annotations. It can be completed in under 4 minutes.


  1. Draw the outer border.
  2. Use the offset command to create offset lines.
  3. Draw a circle with a radius of 10 and an auxiliary circle with a radius of 19.
  4. Create a line with an angle of 30 degrees and intersect it with the auxiliary circle. (Note: Use any desired length and the Tab key to switch between length and angle input).
  5. Adjust the layer of the objects.
  6. Draw a circle with a radius of 4.
  7. Trim the circle to form an arc.
  8. Apply fillets of 20 and 7.
  9. Add annotations to the drawing.
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