Erase and Object Segments

Correcting Mistakes #

You can backtrack your recent actions using one of several methods

Undo #

The simplest method of backtracking is to use the UNDO or Ctrl+Z commands to undo a single action.

Redo #

You can reverse the effect of UNDO command by using REDO (Ctrl+Y) immediately after using UNDO.

Erase Objects #

You can erase selected objects from the drawing.
• Click Menu “Editor/Erase”
• Select objects to remove

Cancel a Command #

You can cancel a command without completing it by pressing Esc.

Repeat last command #

• Right click choose “repeat”
• Press spacebar

Purge #

You can clean up your drawing by removing unused items in your drawing such as unreferenced layers, blocks, and style definitions.

• Click menu “Tools/Purge”
• Check the objects to purge
• Check if you need verify each name to be purged, enter Y or N.

Break and join #

Use BREAK to create a gap in an object, resulting in two objects with a gap between them.

  • Click menu “Editor/Break”
  • Select the object to break
  • Specify the second break point or enter “F” to specify the first point again.

Use JOIN to combine lines, arcs, elliptical arcs, polylines, 3D polylines, splines, and helixes by their endpoints into a single object.

  • Click menu “Editor/Join”
  • Select the source object to join
  • Select the object to join to the source object

Lengthen #

Changes the length of objects

You can specify changes as a percentage, an increment, or as a final length. LENGTHEN is an alternative to using TRIM or EXTEND.

Delta #

Changes the length of an object by a specified increment, measured from the endpoint that is closest to the selection point.

Delta length 10

Percent #

Sets the length of an object by a specified percentage of its total length.

Total #

Sets the length of a selected object by specifying the total absolute length from the fixed endpoint. Total also sets the included angle of a selected arc by a specified total angle.

Total length as 20

Corner #

Join the corner of two lines

  • Click Menu “Editor/Corner”
  • Select first line of the corner
  • Select second line of the corner
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