CAD Exercise 18 (ID:22457)

This triangle is inscribed with a flower-shaped figure. How can we make 5 tangent circles that are exactly inscribed within the triangle? We know that the Align command can scale and move similar figures. Let’s try using the Align command.


  1. Draw a straight line with a length of 60
  2. Draw circles with radii of 40 and 50 at both ends of the line
  3. Connect the intersection points of circles into triangles
  4. Draw a regular Pentagon at random, then draw multiple circles with the vertex as the center and the side length as the diameter
  5. Use the parallel line command to draw parallel lines on the edges of a triangle, so that the outer triangle is similar to the destination triangle (use “corner” command to connect non intersecting lines)
  6. Use “align” command to scale and align the internal shape to the destination triangle
  7. Add hatch and annotations after trimming
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