CAD Exercise 15 (ID:15719)

This exercise diagram includes three tangent arcs. The arcs on the left side have three points of tangency, while the arcs on the right side have specified radii. Once they are drawn, we can determine the distance between the centers of the two circles.


  1. Draw a straight line with a length of 60
  2. Draw a diagonal line with an angle of 135
  3. Use offset to offset the line, with an offset distance of 34
  4. The connection node is a triangle
  5. Draw a circle with a radius of 8
  6. Capture the vertical foot and draw two perpendicular lines
  7. Use circle>TTT to draw tangent circles
  8. Use circle>TTR to draw a tangent circle with a radius of 28
  9. Add annotations after trimming the shape

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