CAD Exercise 14 (ID:16014)

We are attempting to use DWGSeeCAD to create a diagram of the hook on the left side of the drawing. The diagram includes several arcs that are tangent to nearby circles or lines, requiring the use of corresponding CAD commands.


  1. Draw auxiliary lines
  2. Draw a circle with radii of 6, 17, 26, 26, 44, and 92, respectively
  3. Use Circle TTR to draw tangent circles with radii of 40,50 respectively
  4. Draw a straight line to connect the circle
  5. Trim
  6. Draw a straight line with a length of 50 and an angle of 60 degrees
  7. Draw parallel lines tangent to a circle
  8. Draw a straight line to connect the nodes and make a fillet with a radius of 7
  9. Add annotations after trimming
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