CAD Exercise 13 (ID:2D_1)

This is a desktop assembly fastener, and we can use commands such as circular array, tangent circles, and mirror to create this drawing.


  1. Draw concentric circles with radii of 27.5 and 45.
  2. Draw an auxiliary circle with a radius of 60 and an auxiliary line with an angle of 60 degrees.
  3. Use the intersection point of the auxiliary line as the center to draw concentric circles with radii of 10 and 18.
  4. Offset the auxiliary line on both sides by a distance of 4 and then trim the objects.
  5. Use the circular array command to create copies of parallel lines.
  6. Mirror the objects to the left and then apply fillets with radii of 5 and 17.
  7. Trim the objects and mirror them downwards.
  8. Add annotations to the drawing.
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