CAD Exercise 11 (ID:13986)

We are attempting to draw an iron anchor, using CAD commands to create tangent arcs, trim and mirror symmetrical shapes, making it easy to depict the desired design.


  1. Draw a concentric circle with radii of 10 and 20 at the top of the iron anchor.
  2. Based on the dimensions, draw auxiliary lines to determine the position of the circle’s center and then draw the circle.
  3. Use “Shift + Right-click” and select the “From” command to specify the center of the circle. Draw a circle with a radius of 20.
  4. Use the TTR command to draw a tangent circle with a radius of 4.
  5. Draw a straight line intersecting the circle from step 4.
  6. Apply a fillet with a radius of 10.
  7. Trim and mirror the objects.
  8. Apply a fillet with a radius of 15.
  9. Add annotations.
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