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DWGSee CAD 2025

A lightweight CAD software, Familiar interface of AutoCAD Classic,Perpetual Licensing Fee is only $198.00.

What is DWGSee CAD?

In contrast to DWGSee Viewer, DWGSee CAD offers expanded design and editing capabilities, making it a lightweight CAD solution.

  • With DWGSee CAD, users can quickly open and modify their drawings, just as they can with DWGSee DWG Viewer.
  • The software provides users with a variety of drawing, editing, and annotation tools, allowing them to create 2D drawings.
  • For advanced designers, DWGSee CAD includes features such as Dimension Driven.

A Comprehensive Tool for

2D Drafting and Viewing

Lightweight and Fast CAD

DWGSee CAD is a lightweight software for opening and modifying DWG/DXF/DWF files. It includes CAD features to draft and edit drawings with lower system resource consumption, making it efficient for 2D drawing work.

Efficient 2D Drawing Work

Dimension Driven is a smart feature in DWGSee CAD that allows for brief component drafting with precise length measurement. This feature enhances efficiency and accuracy when creating 2D drawings.

Collaboration and Compatibility

DWGSee CAD enables easy collaboration and sharing of work by allowing users to markup and publish their drawings as PDF or JPG files. These files are compatible with all versions of DWG/DXF/DWF files, ensuring accurate viewing across platforms.

Demand-Driven Software Iteration

We collaborate closely with our users and highly value their feedback and suggestions. Consequently, we have implemented the following new features based on their requests. 

List Polyline Data

Export data on the length, angle, and arc radius of specified pipelines for easy confirmation and construction

Extract Table

The tables in drawings are drawn one line at a time and can be directly exported by extract as real table.

Block Statistics

Count the number of blocks or attribute blocks in the drawing, then insert the statistic table to the drawing.

Explore DWGSee CAD

Explore more features in DWGSee CAD 2025 software

Manage Drawings

Create 2D Objects

Modify Objects

Dimension Objects

Define and Reference Blocks

Frequently Asked Questions

DWGSee CAD is inspired by DWGSee DWG Viewer, which features classic interfaces with a command line, as well as rich editing and annotation menu buttons. See details

With the purchased license DWGSee CAD software, you can install it on up to 2 computers or other devices. However, only the named user can use that software on a single computer at any given time. 

After buying the license code, enter your email address and license code to register, no need to install the program again. 

The purchased license provides lifetime access to the DWGSee CAD software without monthly or yearly fees. The product activation key authorizes its owner to use a specific version of DWGSee CAD for as long as their PC and/or operating system supports it.

The Server license allows several PCs or workstations to get license authorization on line, the number of licensed users is restricted by the purchased of purchased floating licenses. This is automate processed on your own license server, which is connected to a TCP/IP network that can be accessed by any of the users’ machine. If you need server license, please contact us via

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DWGSee CAD- the Best AutoCAD Alternative

A lightweight CAD program with a classic interface and lifetime licenses

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